July 9, 2024

This One-of-a-Kind Goldie Will Steal Your Heart!

This One-of-a-Kind Goldie Will Steal Your Heart!


A Rare, Yet Stunning Phenomenon

When a Golden Retriever mom gave birth to her litter in Pensacola, Florida, it felt like an ordinary day of joy. But, on closer inspection, the breeders noticed one puppy had an astonishingly unique coat color. Unlike the typical blonde coats of her siblings, this little one was dark green.

Carole and Greg DeBruler, the breeders from Golden Treasures Kennel, were initially taken aback. Carole shared, “We were kind of shocked,” highlighting how this was the first time they had seen a puppy with such a dark green hue in their 17 years of experience.

Despite their efforts to rub off the green tint, it stayed firmly in place. “Mom cleans them, we clean them, and it comes off — hers didn’t,” Carole mentioned, emphasizing the rarity of this phenomenon.

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Source: @living_the_golden_life

Over time, after multiple baths and loving care, the puppy’s dark green coat gradually turned into a bright, almost neon lime green. They fittingly named her Shamrock. “And she stayed lime for a good while,” Carole confirmed.

A “Lucky” Star

Seeing Shamrock’s unique appearance, Carole and Greg decided to share her story with the world. They posted a video on their TikTok account, @living_the_golden_life, which quickly garnered attention.

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Source: @living_the_golden_life

The video not only showed the Golden Retriever mom nursing her puppies but also explained the science behind Shamrock’s color. The green hue was due to biliverdin, a pigment found in dog bile, staining her white fur in the womb.

Carole expressed her excitement, saying, “I’m just so excited to share Shamrock with the world.” The video’s popularity skyrocketed, bringing Shamrock into the spotlight.

Despite the initial green tint, Shamrock’s fur gradually transformed into a beautiful golden color, typical of her breed. This transition was just another chapter in her extraordinary journey.

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Source: @living_the_golden_life

Shamrock’s Journey to Stardom

Thanks to her unique coat, Shamrock quickly became the most sought-after puppy in her litter. She was the first to find a forever home, a testament to her special nature.

Carole shared, “The gentleman getting her has just retired, and she will be his world. He loves her already so much.” Shamrock’s new owner fell in love with her instantly, ensuring she would be cherished forever.

This One-of-a-Kind Goldie Will Steal Your Heart!-1

This once dark green puppy had now become a beloved family member, her golden coat shining brightly. Her journey from a rare occurrence to a cherished pet was heartwarming.

Shamrock’s story is a reminder of how unique characteristics can make someone even more special. Her new family will undoubtedly treasure her for the extraordinary dog she is.


  • Thanks for sharing Shamrock’s journey! It’s amazing how nature works in mysterious ways. Wishing her all the best in her new home! 😊

  • OMG, a green puppy?! That’s the cutest and coolest thing ever! 😂💚 How’s she doing now?

  • AmeliaGalaxy

    Wow, Shamrock’s story is so unique and heartwarming! How long did it take for her fur to change color completely?

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