May 15, 2024

The Unexpected Fireplace Visitor That Left Homeowners Astonished

The Unexpected Fireplace Visitor That Left Homeowners Astonished


The Mysterious Noise

On an ordinary evening, a pair of homeowners were relaxing in their cozy living room when they heard an unusual scratching noise coming from their fireplace. The fire wasn’t lit, so this was quite unexpected. Although initially startled, they decided to investigate the source of the sound. Carefully, they inched closer to the fireplace, their hearts pounding with a mix of curiosity and apprehension.

Peering into the dim interior of the fireplace, they were greeted by a surprising visitor. The sight that met their eyes was astonishing – it was a small lizard. But not just any lizard. The homeowners were shocked to find a young goanna, a type of lace monitor that can grow up to six feet in length. Luckily, this one was still a baby, but they knew they needed professional help to handle the situation.

Without wasting any time, they called WIRES Wildlife Rescue. One of their most experienced volunteers, Inga, arrived swiftly. As she approached the fireplace, there was a palpable sense of suspense in the air. What if the lizard was hiding more surprises? But Inga, with her brave heart and steady hands, was ready for whatever awaited her inside the dark, confined space.

With caution and skill, Inga reached into the fireplace and extracted the little reptile. Relief washed over everyone when they saw it was indeed a baby goanna. “I was cautious at first, as it could have been a trapped snake,” Inga told The Dodo. “But the moment I realized it was a juvenile goanna, I knew it was safe to put my hand in to contain it.”

Just A Baby

The baby goanna was not in any immediate danger, thanks to Inga’s quick response. However, it was clear that the little creature had been through an ordeal. It likely climbed up the house and, driven by curiosity, made its way down the chimney where it got stuck. The homeowners were relieved that the situation was under control, but they felt sorry for the young lizard.

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Source: WIRES

Inga explained that lace monitors are excellent climbers, which is probably why this one ended up in such an unusual spot. “I felt sorry for the youngster, as it would have been struggling to find a way out and probably hungry and dehydrated,” she said. The homeowners nodded in agreement, grateful that they had called for help instead of trying to handle the situation on their own.

As Inga carefully placed the baby goanna into a carrier, the homeowners couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions. They were relieved that the little lizard was safe but also intrigued by the unexpected visitor. It was not every day that a wild animal made such a dramatic entrance into their home.

With the baby goanna safely in the carrier, Inga headed back to the WIRES premises. The homeowners watched her leave, feeling a sense of satisfaction that they had done the right thing. They knew that the lizard was in good hands and that it would soon be back where it belonged.

Back Where He Belongs

At the WIRES premises, the baby lizard was given a thorough check-up. To Inga’s delight, the little goanna was perfectly healthy, albeit a bit dehydrated. After a few days of care and extra hydration, the baby lizard was ready for a new beginning. It was time to release him back into his natural habitat.

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Source: WIRES

The release day was filled with excitement and anticipation. Inga and her team transported the little goanna to a safe location, far from any human habitation. The moment they opened the carrier, the baby lizard seemed to understand that he was finally free. He scampered out and quickly disappeared into the underbrush.

It was a heartwarming moment for everyone involved. The homeowners received updates on the lizard’s release and felt a sense of joy knowing that he was back where he belonged. They couldn’t help but marvel at how a simple noise from their fireplace had led to such an incredible adventure.

As they reflected on the experience, they realized the importance of compassion towards all living creatures. The baby goanna’s story was a testament to the power of kindness and the impact it can have on the lives of animals. They hoped that their tale would inspire others to act with empathy and care in similar situations.

A New Beginning

The story of the baby goanna serves as a reminder of the unexpected surprises that life can bring. The homeowners never imagined that a strange noise from their fireplace would lead to such an unforgettable experience. Their decision to seek help from professionals ensured the safety of the young lizard and highlighted the importance of organizations like WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

The Unexpected Fireplace Visitor That Left Homeowners Astonished-1
Source: WIRES

Inga’s bravery and expertise were instrumental in resolving the situation. Her dedication to wildlife rescue is truly inspiring, and her actions made a significant difference in the life of the baby goanna. The homeowners were grateful for her swift response and the care she provided to the little lizard.

As the baby goanna thrives in his natural habitat, his story continues to resonate with those who hear it. It is a tale of curiosity, unexpected encounters, and the kindness of strangers. The homeowners often share their experience with friends and family, spreading awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

Their fireplace, once the source of an intriguing noise, now holds a special place in their hearts. It reminds them of the incredible journey of the baby goanna and the lessons they learned about compassion and respect for all creatures. They remain vigilant, knowing that the natural world is full of wonders waiting to be discovered.


  • Did the baby goanna show any signs of distress or aggression when it was rescued?

  • Such a heartwarming story. Glad the little guy is safe now. 🦎

  • Why didn’t the homeowners just call animal control? Seems risky to wait for a volunteer.

  • Thank you to Inga and WIRES for rescuing the poor baby goanna! You guys are amazing ❤

  • harrison_beacon8

    Isn’t it dangerous to reach into a fireplace like that? What if it had been something more aggressive?

  • That must have been a shock! 😲 Did you manage to take any pictures of the little visitor?

  • Michael_Illumination

    Wow, what a story! How did the baby goanna get into the fireplace in the first place?

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