May 30, 2024

Meet the Feline Who Stole the Show at a University Graduation!

Meet the Feline Who Stole the Show at a University Graduation!


A Cat’s Unusual Graduation Day

This weekend, Vermont State University saw a unique addition to its graduating class—a cat named Max. Max, a beloved campus resident, was awarded an honorary degree, much to the delight of students and faculty. His presence has been a source of comfort and joy, making him a cherished part of campus life.

Max isn’t just any cat; he has become a symbol of emotional support for many. His owner, Ashley Dow, explained how he became a fixture on campus. “He likes to be carried around on backpacks,” she shared. Students often find him perched on their backs, spreading cheer wherever he goes.

The university’s decision to honor Max with a diploma was a heartfelt recognition of his impact. “With a resounding purr of approval,” the announcement read, as Max was named Doctor of Litter-ature. This whimsical title came with all the perks a campus cat could dream of.

Max’s honorary degree highlights the significant role animals can play in enhancing mental health and well-being. His friendly demeanor and love for attention have made him a favorite, brightening the days of countless students and faculty members alike.

A Day in the Life of Max

Jessica Duncan from the university spoke about Max’s daily interactions. “You can see him enlighten students,” she said. Max’s presence encourages students to disconnect from their devices and connect with him, often resulting in spontaneous photo sessions and shared moments of joy.

Max’s routine involves wandering the campus, seeking out new friends. His love for cuddles and attention means he’s never short of company. Students eagerly await their turn to spend a few moments with the campus celebrity, who has become a symbol of happiness and comfort.

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Source: YouTube

As the semester came to a close, the campus community celebrated not just their academic achievements but also the happiness Max brought into their lives. His honorary diploma was a testament to his positive influence, and a reminder of the little things that make life at university special.

With summer approaching, Max might find the campus quieter, but he’s always ready for new adventures. He looks forward to meeting fresh faces in the fall, continuing his role as the unofficial mascot and emotional support animal of Vermont State University.

Max’s Legacy of Joy

Max’s story is a heartening example of the unexpected ways animals can touch our lives. His honorary degree is not just a whimsical gesture but a meaningful acknowledgment of the joy he brings. Max’s presence has become an integral part of the university experience for many students.

The bond between Max and the students is a special one. His friendly nature and willingness to engage with anyone have made him a beloved figure, drawing crowds and spreading smiles. His honorary degree celebrates this unique relationship.

Max’s impact extends beyond just being a campus cat. He has become a source of inspiration, showing how animals can greatly enhance our emotional well-being. His honorary degree is a symbol of the important role pets can play in our lives, providing comfort and companionship.

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Source: YouTube

As Max continues to roam the campus, his legacy of joy and companionship will undoubtedly grow. The university community looks forward to many more moments of shared happiness with their honorary graduate. Congratulations, Max, on your well-deserved recognition!

Looking Forward

As the semesters come and go, Max’s story will be one that students and faculty remember fondly. His honorary degree is a milestone that marks his contributions to campus life. Max’s story is a testament to the positive impact animals can have on our mental health and overall well-being.

The campus is eager to welcome new students who will soon get to know Max and experience his charm firsthand. His role as an emotional support animal will continue to be a significant part of the university experience, bringing light and laughter to all.

Max’s honorary degree is a celebration of the joy he has brought to Vermont State University. This recognition underscores the importance of pets and their ability to enhance our lives in unexpected ways. Max’s story is an inspiration to all.

As the new academic year approaches, Max is ready to meet and greet the new faces who will soon become part of his extended family. Congratulations, Max, on your honorary degree, and thank you for the happiness you bring to everyone around you!


  • carolineember

    Thank you for sharing Max’s story. Animals truly have a special way of touching our hearts.

  • Christian

    I’m curious, how does Max handle the attention from so many students?

  • Why didn’t my university have a campus cat? 😂 So jealous! 🐱

  • bootsamethyst

    This is the cutest thing I’ve read all week! ❤️ Congrats, Max!

  • CooperMoonlight

    Wow, Max is so adorable! How did he become such a campus celebrity?

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