May 29, 2024

From Street Stray to Hospital Hero: An Unlikely Journey of Hope and Healing

From Street Stray to Hospital Hero: An Unlikely Journey of Hope and Healing


A Journey from Streets to Comforting Hearts

Once a lone wanderer in Texas, Petunia, an American Bully mix, now brings solace to patients in southeast Wisconsin hospitals. Her transformation from a stray into a beloved therapy dog is nothing short of miraculous, touching countless lives with her gentle presence and unconditional love.

In March 2023, Petunia found her forever home with Lisa Finke. The bond they formed was instantaneous and profound. “She got off the van and melted into me, and I thought: ‘This will be my therapy dog,’” Finke recounts, marking the start of Petunia’s new journey.

Petunia quickly adapted to her role, showcasing a serene and affectionate demeanor perfect for a therapy dog. Within a year, she earned certifications from the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and First Responders Therapy Dogs. Finke notes, “When you pet a dog, the stress seems to melt away when you touch them.”

Petunia regularly visits three hospitals, including Rogers Behavioral Health Center, where she plays a crucial role in comforting young patients battling eating disorders. Jenifer Waite Wollenburg, a program manager, highlights the unique support Petunia provides: “Therapy dogs have reached out to our residents and patients in ways that our human counterparts just can’t.”

Unconditional Love and Healing Touch

Wollenburg emphasizes the irreplaceable support therapy dogs offer: “There is just something about the understanding and unconditional love of an animal who is there just to bring you joy and comfort.” Petunia’s presence has become a beacon of hope and healing for many.

Petunia’s favorite gesture of connection is “the lean,” where she gently leans against someone, often falling asleep in their lap. This simple act endears her deeply to those she visits, creating a profound bond and bringing much-needed comfort.

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Source: YouTube

Finke received a heartfelt letter from a patient at Rogers, expressing gratitude for Petunia’s comforting presence during a challenging time. Such moments underscore the significant impact therapy dogs like Petunia can have on individuals in need.

Reflecting on Petunia’s journey, Finke urges others to consider adoption. “There’s just so many dogs out there that need homes, and shelters are overflowing,” she says, highlighting the importance of giving these animals a second chance.

A Testament to Second Chances

Petunia’s story is not just about her own transformation but also demonstrates the power of second chances. From a stray to a therapy hero, her journey inspires and reminds us of the profound impact of kindness.

Finke’s message is clear: “There are great, great dogs out there. Petunia is an example of that. So, give it a shot.” Her words echo the sentiment that every stray has the potential to become a star.

Petunia’s journey is a beacon of hope, showing how a second chance can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Her story encourages others to open their hearts and homes to animals in need.

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Source: YouTube

Petunia’s transformation is a testament to the incredible possibilities that arise when compassion meets opportunity. Her life now serves as a powerful reminder of the healing and joy that second chances can bring.

Spreading the Message of Hope

Petunia’s journey from the streets to hospitals is a story of resilience and hope. By sharing her tale, we can inspire others to consider adoption and recognize the potential for greatness in every stray.

Therapy dogs like Petunia play a crucial role in our communities, providing comfort and love to those who need it most. Their impact is immeasurable and deeply appreciated.

Let Petunia’s story be a call to action for all of us. Consider adopting a shelter animal and witness the incredible transformation that love and care can bring.

Help spread the word about the importance of adoption and the extraordinary lives that await these deserving animals. Together, we can make a difference, one rescue at a time.


  • Such a touching story, but I wish there was more info on how we can help more strays like Petunia.

  • Petunia is proof that every dog deserves a second chance. Thanks for this beautiful story! 😊

  • morgandestiny

    I love this! But I wonder, are there any specific breeds that make better therapy dogs or can any dog be trained?

  • elliedreamweaver

    Wait, a stray dog turned therapy dog? That’s incredible! How do you even start that process?

  • So inspiring! Thank you for sharing Petunia’s story. She is a true hero!

  • Wow, what a heartwarming journey! 🐾 Do you have any tips for training a dog to become a therapy dog?

  • CharlesAurora

    This story is amazing! How long did it take for Petunia to get her therapy dog certifications?

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