May 21, 2024

From Rags to Riches: The Mangy Dog’s Miraculous Transformation

From Rags to Riches: The Mangy Dog's Miraculous Transformation


Penny’s Struggle and Rescue

Discovered on the Las Vegas streets, Penny endured a severe case of mange. Her skin was bleeding and covered in painful sores. A devoted team immediately began her treatment, providing medicated baths and antibiotics. At just a year old, Penny’s condition made daily activities a challenge. Animal Protection Services quickly took her to The Animal Foundation for urgent care.

Last night, Penny came to us in itchy agony.

She was found on the streets of Las Vegas suffering from an extreme case of mange.

Her skin bleeds, and she has open sores and scabs, and thick, crusty patches of skin.

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Source: YouTube

Please donate to her care here:

— The Animal Foundation (@animalfndlv) December 15, 2022

Mange, caused by mites burrowing into the skin, is a treatable condition. Despite her daunting appearance, Penny responded positively to her treatments. Even in discomfort, she remained affectionate and joyful, weighing just 17 pounds. The dedicated team provided abundant affection, fostering her recovery.

From Rags to Riches: The Mangy Dog's Miraculous Transformation-1
Source: YouTube

Penny’s journey continued in a foster home where she flourished. Her fur began to regrow, and her health improved significantly. The generous donations made a huge difference, giving her a second chance at life. Her new family provided the love and care she needed to thrive.

A New Life in Her Foster Home

In her foster home, Penny’s days are filled with energetic playtime with the family’s children, who adore her. Known for her cuddliness, Penny loves sleeping next to their slippers and basking in sunlight. To protect her sensitive feet, she occasionally wears socks. Each day, she looks healthier and happier.

From Rags to Riches: The Mangy Dog's Miraculous Transformation-1
Source: YouTube

Penny’s foster family played an essential role in her recovery, supporting her through every vet visit, dose of medication, and bath. Their dedication was instrumental in her remarkable progress. The entire team is thrilled to see her continue to flourish in her new environment.

UPDATE: In a heartwarming turn of events, Penny’s foster family decided to adopt her. Her transformation from a mangy street dog to a beloved family member is nothing short of a miracle. Watch the video below to see Penny’s journey and meet her loving family. Gratitude goes out to everyone who contributed to Penny’s care.

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  • savannahdelta

    Great job, team! But what about other dogs still on the streets? More needs to be done!

  • This made my day! Dogs like Penny deserve all the love in the world. 🐶

  • Does anyone know what kind of treatment Penny received for her mange?

  • caleb_whisper

    Honestly, it breaks my heart to see dogs like Penny suffering. Thank you for sharing her journey.

  • I’m so happy to hear Penny found a loving home! 💕

  • Wow, what a transformation! Kudos to the rescue team!

  • Such an inspiring story! How’s Penny doing now? 🐾

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