May 29, 2024

A Tearful Tale: Abandoned Dog’s Journey to Finding True Love

A Tearful Tale: Abandoned Dog's Journey to Finding True Love


Meeting Yogurt

In 2016, Jamie, an adoptions counselor at the Atlanta Humane Society, came across a couple bringing their dog to the shelter. Their reason for being there was heartbreaking—they no longer wanted their pet, Yogurt. Jamie was instantly drawn to the frightened pooch and felt a connection.

When Jamie saw Yogurt, the dog looked terrified and alone. She knew immediately that this scared little dog needed her. Jamie couldn’t shake the feeling that Yogurt was meant to be hers, and she decided to take her home.

Jamie said, “She was hunkered down looking like a scared little girl. I don’t know what it was. I just saw her and I was like, okay, this is my dog.”

This was the beginning of a beautiful journey for Yogurt, who would soon discover what true love and care felt like.

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Source: @yogurtsometimes

Moving To Her Forever Home

Jamie brought Yogurt home, only to realize that the dog had never been indoors before. Yogurt had always been a backyard dog, and adjusting to a new environment was challenging for her.

During the initial days, Yogurt refused to eat from a bowl. Jamie had to leave her food on the ground until she eventually got comfortable with the bowl. It took time, but Yogurt started to adapt.

To help Yogurt socialize, Jamie introduced her to her family’s dog. The process was slow, but with patience and love, Yogurt began to open up.

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Source: @yogurtsometimes

After a few months, Yogurt became more relaxed and started enjoying her new life. She loved meeting new people and exploring new places, much to Jamie’s delight.

An Unbreakable Bond Between Yogurt And Her Mom

The bond between Yogurt and Jamie grew stronger each day. They became inseparable and supported each other through tough times. Jamie admitted their relationship was a bit codependent but also acknowledged how much they helped ground each other.

Yogurt, though not very cuddly, showed her love by staying close to Jamie whenever she felt upset. This small gesture meant the world to Jamie, providing comfort and companionship.

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Source: @yogurtsometimes

Jamie made a heartfelt promise to Yogurt, vowing they would always be together. “I love her unconditionally. Whatever happens with her, she’ll always be mine. I will love her for the rest of my life.”

Yogurt now lives her best life, filled with joy and adventure. She enjoys sharing updates about her life on her Instagram account, where her followers can see her happy and thriving.

A New Beginning in Fort Collins

In September 2023, Yogurt’s family moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. The change brought new adventures and experiences for Yogurt. She embraced her new environment with excitement.

A Tearful Tale: Abandoned Dog's Journey to Finding True Love-1
Source: @yogurtsometimes

Yogurt loves going on walks with her furry sibling, Titan. The two dogs share a special bond, and their adventures together are documented on social media for all to see. They make a perfect pair.

We’re thrilled that Yogurt found the happiness she deserved and that she has a family who adores her. Her journey from abandonment to joy is truly inspiring and heartwarming.

The story of Yogurt is a testament to the power of love and second chances. It reminds us that even in the darkest times, there is hope and the possibility of a brighter future. Yogurt’s tale will continue to inspire many who hear it.


  • brooklyntitan

    Why did they name her Yogurt? It’s cute but kinda funny! 😂

  • CharlotteCatalyst5

    Loved the part about Yogurt and Titan becoming buddies. Doggo friendship goals! 😄

  • SadieSymphony

    Is there a way to donate to the Atlanta Humane Society to help more dogs like Yogurt?

  • claire_empyreal

    What a beautiful journey! Can’t believe people would abandon such a sweet dog.

  • emiliastardust

    Jamie is a hero for taking in Yogurt! 🐾

  • Nora_Eclipse

    This story made me tear up! How is Yogurt doing now? <3

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